AlphaNexT is a New Generation Automated Trading System

It leverages the power of DLT to create verifiable proofs of its own performance

AlphaNexT already stored over 130 Trades on the Ethereum Blockchain using the PoROI protocol.
It outperformed BTC for the entire history recorder!

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The Proven Performance so far

Starting 07-July-2019 | Updated in Real Time

BTC Net Profit
Net Profit
Sharpe Ratio
BTC Max Drawdown
Max Drawdown
Nr. of Trades

Max Drawdown: The maximum distance in percentage the Asset or Strategy moved from peak to valley | Sharpe Ratio: Strategy Return against Bitcoin Return divided by Average Volatility
Alpha: Risk adjusted Performance agains Bitcoin (with risk-free return = 0%) | Beta: Strategy Correlation against Bitcoin divided by Volatility (Variance)

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The Backtesting Results


Period: 08.08.2017 - 01.01.2020 | Backtesting is done by applying the exact same strategy and code to historical Binance data.

The Approach

The AlphaNexT Engine is a quantitative Automated Trading System (qATS). It has to goal to diminish the downside risk of crypto assets while maintaining the upside potential.
To grasp if current market conditions have an overly bearish tone, and therfore exit the market, AlphaNext uses statistical methods to gain second layer infromation about the market. This information is than used to identify optimal entry and exit points, and most importantly to allocate the correct amount of risk to each trade.
The Startegy is based on four main groups of Technical Indicators developed and adapted to fit the Bitcoin Market. Each Indicator measures a specific aspect of the market:

The Trend

These indicators measure the longterm trend, this allows the startegy to adapt to bullish or bearish envoirements

The Entry

These indicators measure the short term momentum, they get triggered by swift upside trend reversals

The Risk

These indicators measure the current volatility and market range to determine the best level at which to put the Stop-Loss

The Exit

These indicators, much like the Entry ones, get triggered by swift downside trend reversals

AlphaNexT is trading the 30min. chart sourcing data from Binance. Trades are made at a rate of around 4-5 trades a Week, with holding time for each trade of 10h-15h. Signals are generated 24/7.
AlphaNexT uses a long-only startegy, it performs best when the volatility is hight.

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Disclaimer: The Information provided on this website is based on historical data only and does not guarantee any type of financial or asset gain in the future.
I do not take any responsibility for any losses that might occure from investment decisions based on AlphaNexT Signals. Non of the information provided is financial advise. The Background immage was provided by https://unsplash.com/@scottwebb.